Commencement Of Cambridge A Level Semester 3

1/07/2013 05:28:00 AM

2013 is going to be an awesome year!
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 Today happens to be the last day of Semester 2 break,which means semester 3 will begin tomorrow.It's already 2013,so get over with 2012 holidays!Alright,first half of the year is going to be a tough one as A2 approaches.Nah,I think it is just a matter of perspective.On the bright side,i am going to read cornucopia of books,which is awesome because I can learn new things! #self-hypnosis.Next,I shall continue with my resolution for 2013!I have decided to learn French this year!I found out that learning new language will really benefits me in the future as I can communicate with people all around the world.Okay maybe just part of the world.hahaha.And why French?Before this I was hesitate to learn either German or French,but after really really long of research,I find out that we can communicate with all the people around the world with just three languages,which happen to be... Mandarin(checked),English(checked) and yeap,French(in-the-process)!Besides,I'll probably be brushing up my music skills!Last but not least,my third resolution will be sleeping before 12 midnight!It's kind of impossible but hey you know what,even impossible means (I'm possible)!Alright,now I got to revise for A2 chapters as preparation!Au revoir(Bye in French)!

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