Insidious 2010

1/11/2013 06:38:00 AM

 Right,few weeks ago,I was staying over at my cousin's.It was middle of a cold night,and thunderstorms were approaching.I was getting prepared to burn the midnight oil (which is normal for a college student.nothing weird okay). Before getting started, I told myself to have some entertainment (procrastinate) for 10 minutes!So I decided to watch television and as usual I dragged asked my little cousins to accompany me.When I was switching the channels,BOOM I found out a channel airing horror movie.It was INSIDIOUS.When I turned around,there were no sign of my cousins!(When he heard the creepy tunes,he dashed to his room because he is too afraid to watch horror movie lol).It was really really scary especially when I saw the old women holding candle and giving a creepy smile,together with the rolling thunder that night(which were caused by the storm)!Epic coincident!But the ending got better,when it was the old lady that possessed the body of the main character, Josh Lambert!I guess you dont know what am I talking about.Okay just a brief summary,this movie is about a family who is trying to safe their comatose child,Dalton from evil spirits in a realm called The FurtherFather Josh Lambert happens to have the the ability to save his son,by projecting himself into The Further(which is like a spirits world).After much struggle,he finally found Dalton and unfortunately,ONLY Dalton's soul was able to return to his body,while a hideous old woman who Josh had encountered when he was still small,possessed his body!

Rumor has it that Insidious 2 is going to be available in cinema in 2013 ,which happens to be this year! #joys . Cant wait for it.That's all for now.Au revoir!=)

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