1/13/2013 03:42:00 AM

Courtesy of loyarburuk.com
Courtesy of beritasemasa.com
Salut!So what is the purpose of KL112?What is it actually?That is the question which I wanted to ask...and heck yes I have tried to search via the Google yet the only thing I found were tons of pictures of a mass rally at the Stadium Merdeka.So I went to ask friends instead and finally got the point of KL112 RALLY!Basically,it's a mass protest covering various grievances with the government.However,unlike the BERSIH 3.0 which turned out to be a violent rally,where water canons and tear gases were involved to disperse the crowd last year,KL112 is a peace and legal rally.It is somewhat combination of the Bersih and Lynas rally.Anyway the rally was yesterday and i just found out about this KL112 today.hahahaha.Kay I know it's quite lame.Au revoir, =)

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