1/28/2013 07:19:00 AM

 Something interesting seems to be happening today in my life.Almost to the extreme mode I should say.It all started early in the morning,while I was still lying on bed sleeping like a guy who has never sleep for a long time..I have been sleeping for 12 hours!Probably that explains why I consistently having nightmares!You know which type of dream is the most horrifying ones?Let me tell you,the dreams of you in your daily life is!Worst of all,I was having multiple nightmares with different scenes.Holy cow,my brain is so active today even when I was in sleeping mode!Each of the dreams seemed to be so real that once I woke up,I cant even differentiate myself between fantasy and reality.The first dream was scary that I almost got a heart attack!I saw my cousins involved in accident and was unconscious on bed in the hospital.All of us were crying so badly standing beside her!As soon as I was awake,I text my cousin,making sure she was okay.The second bad dream occurred while i was having a nap this afternoon.Okay I know my brain activity is too vigorous!In the scene,I was in the car with my mom and aunt,heading to a place which I cant really remember.Out of nowhere,a motorcyclist was driving in front of us and my mom,without noticing the motorcyclist,kept driving and "BOOM" bang the motorcycle.I was bewildered and told my mom to stop the car,yet she ignored me and kept talking to aunt as if I was invisible to her.And yes,I woke up again!
What is wrong with me today!Aiks @.@

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