2/28/2013 03:13:00 AM

Oh god!I am sitting for IELTS test this upcoming Thursday,which is a week from now!basically there are four components in IELTS;speaking,reading,writing and listening.In my humble opinion,I think the speaking and writing part are the most challenging compared to listening and reading!In writing section,you are given an hour time to complete 2 task;task one which is mainly writing about graphs/charts/pictures/etc in more than 150 words.Meanwhile,in Task 2,you are required to answer one question (out of one!) which is normally an argument essay.Mind you that you are advised to complete Task one in 20 minutes and task 2 in 40 minutes!(I know right,it sounds impossible).Whereas in the speaking compartment,you are going to talk to a examiner for about 15 MINUTES!Talking to strangers has always been a difficult task for me,let alone communicate with them in formal/proper/classy English!There are 3 sections in the speaking test.In the first section,the examiner will ask you some questions regarding to your background.(where it is claimed that students will feel more relaxed talking about themselves,I found it to be rather untrue!)Next you are given a question card,and one minute to construct and organise your ideas.When the time is up,you are asked to asnwer the questions in 2-3 minutes!Alright you might think that speaking to the examiner for 2-3 minutes is relatively easy,but you're totally WRONG!I find it hard to talk fluently when the examiner kept looking at you for I fear I might have grammatical error. =.= .
Nevertheless I will strive for band 9!Wait for me band 9.I wont disappoint you!I shall continue to improve my English by doing some practices!Hey,I am not being kiasu must understand that I am a Chinese!It is called being extra careful not to conduct any mistake in my test!Wish me luck!Au revior :)

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