iM4U Reach Out Convention And Celebration

3/02/2013 04:00:00 AM

 So I guess you must be guessing what actually does this IM4U stands for?What is it?
Well, iM4U actually stands for One Malaysia For Youth.It is the brainchild of the Prime Minister Najib Razak with its main objectives to instil the spirit of volunteerism as well as to create awareness amongst the Malaysian Youth.besides,it also provides fund to the Youth volunteer activities via DRE1M.
Alright let us focus back on the main topic of the day,which is the Reach Out Convention and Celebration.This event is going on.....RIGHT NOW!Yes you are right,it happens on 2nd of March from 8 in the morning.The aim of the event is to provide a cool platform for promoting volunteerism amongst the youths in Malaysia.Meanwhile,the objectives of the events are:
  • To commemorate the Year of Volunteerism
  • To inspire urban youth by engaging youth volunteer icons to share their experience in volunteerism
  • To share that volunteering comes in variety of exciting platforms
The convention starts from 8:00 am till 4:00 pm.On the other hand,the celebration,which is the concert starts once the convention ends!And the real interesting part is....IT IS FREE! #onlyinmalaysia .
The speakers were ranging from

  • Prominent entrepreneurs Tan Seri Tony Fernandez(Chairman of Air Asia)
  • Youtube sensations CHESTER SEE,JASON CHEN and DAVID CHOI
  • Youth Icon Michael Teoh
  • Leading soprano Matthew Supramaniam
  • Managing director of Asia Pacific Nick Allardice
  • President of Early Childhood Development Center Pushpa Basnet
  • host Jin Lim ( Jinnyboy)
  • TV presenter Henry Golding and Ben Ibrahim

How exciting is that right!If you are reading it right now,get your ass off from your chair get going now to Taylor's University Lakeside Campus for the concert!I know you must be wondering why this guy is at the event and able to blog at the same time??The truth is,I am at my hostel,rotting and studying just because I do not have transportation to the venue!I want to watch Chester See performing and giving speech as well!Oh god,help me !!! #ChesterSee'sbiggestfan
PS:For more information regarding iM4U,kindly visit

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