Malaysian English

3/22/2013 07:33:00 AM

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 Malaysian English,or known as Manglish it is just so colourful,vibrant and special!You will probably not experienced this unless you are in Malaysia yourself!What makes this local language one of its kind is none other than the creative combination of two letter words and the eminent Malaysian LOH,LAH,LEH,HA for the endings of sentences where I think you wont find them anywhere else unless Malaysia(not even in the dictionary).The terms include
See how-Let's see how it goes.
See first-consider.
What ha-What is it?
In my humble While checking out videos via Youtube,I have came across this humourous speech contest by one of  contestant,Marianna Pascal back in 2009.Well, I shall let the video speaks for itself!Enjoy!I am pretty sure that you will roll on the floor laughing!Enjoy! HAHAHA #laughs

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