Samsung Galaxy S4

3/15/2013 06:44:00 AM

image courtesy Samsung and
Samsung has finally unveiled the all new Samsung Galaxy fourth generation smart phone,commonly known as the Samsung Galaxy S4!With the grand ceremony at the famous Radio City Music Hall in New York City on Thursday,the titanic battle between Apple and Samsung for the domination of the smart phone market has just turned more epic!Samsung launched its Samsung Galaxy S4 with brand new features.Yes you are not having long-sighted problem.Its not just a feature,but featureS!Basically,Samsung focuses on 4 aspects,namely Communication,Entertainment,Daily Convenience and Health.Communication gets a lot more interesting as both the primary and secondary phone are turned on when you are video-calling with someone!Besides,the front camera is upgraded to 2 megapixels,13 megapixel rear camera and have I mentioned that the phone is 5 inch FULL HD SUPER-AMOLED?In addition,Samsung S4 has Air-View features,not to mention the best one,which is SMART SCROLL.Aha,these awesome feature allows us to scroll the page with our eyes!Furthermore,we can control the pause button when watching videos with our eyes as well!(Oh god,Samsung is getting aggressive this time!).Not only that,it is said that the photos that has been captured are included with sounds!Other than this,there is this app called S-Heatlh which monitors and tracks your health condition.You can even use the smart phone as a remote control for the Samsung Smart TV!One more thing,it is said to be released on April!Alright I must admit that Samsung Galaxy S4 is indeed a multipurpose smart phone!For Samsung Galaxy S4 full specifications,visit Samsung Galaxy S4 Full Specifications

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