April Fool's Day

4/01/2013 05:59:00 AM

Where most of the people call it April Fool's Day,some regard it as All Fool Day's.Well,what a sedentary day for first of April this year!Couple of us meet up at our high school's canteen and have some breakfast and get our 1119 English certificates too.It is hilarious that we have just gotten our certificates after graduating from high school for TWO years.How efficient is the school right. #=).When my friends texted me that they will be late,I found it to be normal at first but after checking through the calender I started to doubt whether it is a prank.So curiously I asked them,and they didnt even realise that it s 1/4/2013!See,told you today is a boring day.I havent even pranked anyone yet and spent few hours sleeping to pay my sleep debt after sleeping for an average of three hours perday for two consecutive weeks due to A2 trials. #lifeless.
Now back to some interesting news.As usual,Google will make some pranks to trick internet users and this year i must admit that their pranks are pretty impressive.First Google announced Youtube to be shut down,then there's treasure maps feature,not to mention Gmail Blue!In the nutshell,Happy April Fool's Day people!

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