4/14/2013 03:57:00 AM

H7N9 is a serotype of the species Influenza A virus or bird flu virus.H7 is commonly known to circulate  amongst the avian populations with certain variants which frequently infect humans as well.The first case of H7N9 virus infected human was first reported in 2013 in China.Once realized the severity of H7N9 virus might cause,China's government closes some of the live poultry markets in order to prevent the disease from spreading.Research has been done to create potions and vaccines by the scientists.It is predicted that the vaccine will be completed in 7 months time.Nonetheless,two new cases in Henan,China are reported today,bringing the total in the country to 51 infected humans, including 11 deaths.One of the two is a 34-year-old chef while the other is a 65-year-old farmer.Beijing,capital of China has closed live poultry markets and ban live poultry trading immediately when the first case of H7N9 is reported there on Saturday.A 7 year old girl in Beijing was reported to fall ill but has now been in stable condition.China was the epicenter of the SARS epidemic back in 2003,where several hundred people worldwide lost their lives. Shanghai,which is the Chinese international business hub, has seven H7N9 deaths, more than any other city in China.

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