Kelana Jaya Rally 508

5/09/2013 04:52:00 AM

Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim called on Malaysian to join the protest rally at Stadium Kelana Jaya yesterday.The stadium consists of 25000 seats yet it was barely enough for the thousands of Malaysians dressed in black who showed up where the whole field were crowded with people,not to mention thousands who were standing outside the stadium.It is estimated that nearly 100 000 Malaysians were attending the rally held by the opposition,Anwar Ibrahim,to show their dissatisfaction towards the fraudulent and false election results.Some of the influential oppostions such as opposition leader,Anwar Ibrahim as well as Gelang Patah MP Lim Kit Siang showed up at the rally via motorcycles.

Rally from Malaysia,Singapore,Taipei and Australia
"We will continue to struggle and we will never surrender!"said Anwar Ibrahim
Anwar said he would produce clear evidence of fraud by what he calls an "illegitimate" Barisan Nasional (National Front) governemnt party lead by current Prime Minister Najib Razak.
"BN has robbed the rights of the people. We will prove that they have lied in 30 parliamentary seats," he told the diverse crowd.
PM Najib Razak has,however,denied all the opposition's allegations of cheating in the election.
Previous protests have ended in violent scenes,where police were using tear gas and water cannon to dissolve the crowd.Nonetheless,police in Selangor has earlier tried to prevent the rally from occurring by stating that according to PAA,any rally should be informed by the organiser 10 days prior the date of the rally.Due to the tension over the election results,the armed forces took no action over this matter.

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