Malaysia 13th General Election

5/07/2013 05:00:00 AM

Malaysia's 13th General Election fell on 5th of May.Initially was a close fight between Malaysian's government party,National Front or commonly known as Barisan Nasional (BN) and The Opposition,People's Alliance party,Pakatan Rakyat and Democratic Alliance Party (DAP).Campaigns were held by each party across the country.Opposition leader,Mr Anwar Ibrahim was positive that this 13th general election would change everything.On the Election Day,people rushed to election centers to cast their votes.Thousands of people queued even before 8 in the morning where the election started from 8 to 5 in the evening.The tension between opposition and government supporters were tangible.Yet in the midst of election,fraudulent cases were spotted.The oppositions realised that there were phantom voters around.Foreigners,especially workers from Bangladesh,Myanmar and the likes were casting their votes at the election centers,the so-called indelible ink can be washed effortlessly,dubious ballot boxes arrived the election centers by mysterious taxis hours after the election time has ended,and there was even a sudden Blackout during the process of counting votes on the ELECTION DAY itself.After the blackout,it was claimed that extra ballot boxes appeared out of nowhere.

8 hours after the election period ended,Election Commission announced Barisan Nasional gained victory where 133 out of 222 seats were won by BN whereas the remaining 89 seats were conquered by the Opposition. This general election was considered the worst performance by the BN in Malaysia's history.BN however managed to extend their 56 years unbroken rule for another 5 years.Although BN lost the popular vote, they benefited from gerrymandering of constituencies.The Opposition was clearly dissatisfied by the faulty election results and demands for a cleean and fair re-election.There will be a talk held by Mr Anwar Ibrahim on 8th of May at Stadium Kelana Jaya 8pm.

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