Transition into University Life

9/28/2013 03:19:00 AM

Nope.This is Newcastle UK
This is Newcastle Malaysia
Well I am finally entering the new chapter of my life which is the so-called exciting, fun, relax university life which 'surprisingly' I have yet experienced for the past few days!After making a BOLD moves which is rejecting offers for economics from prominent University of Warwick in the UK and opting medicine course in Malaysia,I believe that for the upcoming 5 years, it will inevitably be excruciating ones. It was not that actually,just hectic at all times. Even the supposingly 2 weeks of orientation back in UK (that's what I have heard from friends) were shrinked to 2 days here.( introductions of subjects included). Probably I am not accustomed to the new busy life after spending lengthy 3 months of holidays relaxing at home. Surprisingly, the structure of the course is not what I have expected as they do not follow modules based system.In contrast, all the modules are mixed into one and students are required to carry the knowledge for the whole 5 years.Nonetheless, it is quite exciting yet challenging to live amongst the bright medical students.The environment here is serene and superb conducive for study purposes as there is nothing but long highways surrounding the university, except a soon-to-be-completed stadium, equipped with olympic sized swimming pools,tennis court, badminton courts and the like.However, the best part of studying here is that it is just a stone throw away from Singapore ( comparison are made between Johor+Singapore and KL+Singapore) (well not really,you got to take an hour long of journey via public buses and you need passport!).I was going to post this like two days ago yet I have procrastinate until today,which happens to be my "real" orientation day! Frankly speaking it was fun and I am utterly too lethargic to move. #bravo. Hmm it's time for me to end it here and I shall update you guys soon! Au revoir! :)

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  1. Omg so cool future doctor...i'm a future doctor too ;-)