Ajisen Ramen Malaysia

11/15/2013 08:39:00 AM

Being known as the "King of White Broth", it is not surprising to find Ajisen Ramen serving mouth-watering Tonkotsu soup, which is not only thick and creamy, but also contain collagen which is great for the skin! Hence, my and friends and I have decided to have our dinner at one of its outlets here in Malaysia! Upon glancing through the menu lists, we discovered that each of the ramen has various level of spiciness, shown by number of chillies appeared at the bottom of the pictures, ranging from zero to four chillies (which happen to be the spiciest of all). Boldly, we challenged ourselves by ordering mother of spicy ramens, the VOLCANO RAMEN ( *echoes*)!
*Ta daa* Volcano Ramen :]

 In my humble opinion, the spiciness of the Volcano Ramen was just right for me, yet my friend exclaimed that her mouth was burning hot which I think was a little exaggerated. Probably I found the spiciness was acceptable for me as I myself is an avid spicy-food consumer! *grins*
Initially, I thought the noodles is too thin to be called as 'ramen' and it would have the texture of common instant noodles. However, I was taken aback by the smoothness and springy texture of the scrumptious ramen! One more thing was that I find that I have difficulty to eat the ramen using their too-large-spoons ( more like a mini laddle) #asianseating!  Oh yeah, the cost of the popular VOLCANO RAMEN is only at RM19.90 .( not RM27.80 which is shown in the menu list in Ajisen Ramen website). For spicy food lovers out there, I strongly recommend Volcano Ramen for you guys and girls! Cheers...
For more information, visit www.ajisen.com.my

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