Thor The Dark World 2013

11/10/2013 01:23:00 AM

Today I am going to talk about THOR : THE DARK WORLD ! To be honest with you, I have never watched Thor 1.( I know i know, there comes the *boo* sound effect). So before entering the cinema, I was wondering whether Thor 2 will be closely linked to Thor 1 and worried that I would not understand the storyline. Turn out it's completely quite a different story afterall,depicting the return of Malekith, the badass which were once defeated by Bor, the father of Odin,which is also the grandfather of Thor, who wanted to destroy the universe by absorbing all the lights using a malicious weapon called the Aether! After Malekith forces was defeated, Bor kept the Aether in between two stones where nobody would ever find it's location, until, Thor's beau , Jane Foster accidentally discovered it when she was sucked in by the Convergence,a rare alignment of the Nine Realms which formed at Earth and she was possessed by the Aether, living in her blood vessels.The tinanic battle of the Asgardians and Sfvartalfheimians occured in both Asgard and the Earth. During the battle Frigga,Thor's beloved mother who was protecting Jane was killed by the Kursed Algrim.Besides, Loki, brother of Thor has also sacrificed his life in order to seek vengeance against Malekith,(or so we thought!). After Malekith forces were destroyed, Thor was given approval by Odin to live with Jane in Earth.NO, if you think that's the end of the story,you are COMPLETELY WRONG! Few minutes after the ending, where most of the people had already left the hall, there's a short clip showing another villain with his evil ideas and that eventually means there will be THOR 3! For those who have yet watched it,enjoy the trailer below! :)

PS: I am deeply apologetic for being unable to reply to dearest readers' comments, as I am totally oblivious to the comments of my posts. Since I changed my blog's theme, I could not see the comments on each of the posts, let alone replying them. It was until moments ago I discovered most of the comments via the blogspot main page and I have successfully change the settings of my blog where I will be able to view and reply your comments! Okie,that's all I wanted to say. Peace out. :)

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