Assignment One

12/04/2013 05:17:00 AM

 Helloo.This gloomy morning, I just received my assignment from the university.Upon looking at my devastating results, my world turned upside down. Never had I thought that I would ever obtain a nearly failed grade for my assignment. Alright, I knew that my English language was neither fluent nor bombastic as native speakers. However, I was taken aback by the poor grades given by the lecturers because the of the fact that I considered myself as an average joe. Worse of all, I was then preparing for English examination which was conducted at 1600. The news has absolutely diminished my confidence to 0% ( Even 0% is an understatement) and reminded me of the education that I have been taking for all these years.
Nonetheless, it hit my mind that the only way to get through this is not to give up or complain, but to try harder for the next assignment and prove to the lecturers that I have what it takes to be a doctor with excellent writing, speaking, reading and listening skills in English!  may block my way, but I will strive and work harder for I want to become a great writer!

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