Happy 11.12.13

12/11/2013 04:35:00 AM

Courtesy of blog.ctnews.com
Heelloooo! If you are oblivious to the date, today happens to be 11.12.13! So Happy 11.12.13 guys! This morning, I went to the government clinic to observe communication between doctors and patients and their performance! Hmm.... you could say that I was more like a auditor.There were some performance bias in the results albeit I achieved the objectives of the visit, which was to give feedback on their performance mainly because they went through my evaluation paper! Nonetheless, the amiable doctors were generally helpful and I was able to learn new things from them. For instance, I just got to know that upon graduation from medical school, I will be nothing but an undifferentiated doctor! That would be much lower rank than a General Practitioner because in order to be a GP, I will need to further my studies for another gruesome FIVE years! In total, TEN years are needed for a mere GP title! Yes you heard it right, 10 years!
In conclusion, after completing medical school with GP title, your friends would have already graduated 7/8 years ago with minimum monthly income of $5,000 and some might even have started their own family. By that time they have already earned  $420,000 and you will start with a basic salary of around $3,000 with a huge amount of debt, that could be around $1,000,000. Looks like today is not a happy day afterall. #depressing ._.

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