Taman Negara National Park Pahang Malaysia

12/30/2013 04:30:00 AM

Reception area
Last week, I have been spending my time with four of my college mates,David Lee, Heah Jun Jie,Tan Tee Shen and Tan Yue Hau at Taman Negara Pahang Malaysia or simply known as National Park of Pahang Malaysia for three days and two nights. I had to admit that we were living in the most opulent resort available in the area, namely Mutiara Resort Taman Negara. Initially we had thoughts that there would be no resorts available if we were to book for accommodations on the spot.  During our journey to National Park, we took minivans,RM 7 per person along with a couple from Netherlands, Remy and Eva. To our surprised, they were somewhat bold as they took the risky routes by booking rooms when they reached! Soon after reaching our destination, we had to walk for around ten minutes then boarding small boats for RM1 each before we arrived the resort. Oh god ,I have to tell you that I have never lived in such luxurious resorts while travelling in my entire life! Often , I would rather stay in a budget hotels and spend more on FOOD #typical #asians! This was the best resort that I have ever lived in #no #exaggeration #included. Upon checking in, we placed our luggage in our family chalet before proceeding to our next activities. By night, we started our first activity which was Night Jungle Walking! Boy I have tell you what a waste of money it were for locals who spend RM45 per person! Due to the crowds, we saw nothing but insects and arachnids ( okay we actually managed to see some birds sleeping as well) .We were expecting to see some night life animals such as owls and wild cats but to no avail. We went through the nights with some snacks and cup noodles #studentslife due to our tight budgets.
The restaurant
 On next morning, we woke up early in the morning to have our morning buffet as if we starving cavemen.Then we continued our adventure by hiking Bukit Terisek with extremely limited supply of water. Nonetheless, mustering our energy and filled with determination, we successfully reached the not-so-breath-taking peak. On top of that, we also tried the Titian Gantung ( Hanging Bridge) which can be quite a difficult task for those with Acrophobia out there. Yet you get to enjoy picturesque scenery of National Park there ( it's just that you are at a ridiculously high level above the ground). Then, we went to the famous Aloy Fried Chicken stall:

  • Fried Chicken RM 3 each
  • Cheese Burger RM 3 each
  • Nasi Lemak RM 1 each

Next, we went for raft shooting at RM 20 each. We get to see around Taman Negara with some water-splashing events going on that caused all of us drenched haha. When night came, we went for Safari Night at RM 35 each. For the first time in my life I was literally sitting on top of a car ( Toyata Hilux) ! Exciting ride around the palm oil estates, Discovery of wild animals such as wild cats, kingfishers, cows and monkeys!
On the third and very last day of our #YOLO trip , we went to the resort's restaurant as usual engulfing all the food available on the tables #lmao. After checking out, we went through excruciating 10 hours of journey to our next destination, Sitiawan, Perak!. Thousand thanks to the organiser, Heah Jun Jie, that four of us were able to meet up and hanging out together and of course did sohai stuffs despite our hectic schedules ( actually my hectic schedule haha)! Buddies for life! Stick around for the next post about Klang and Perak! Till then, au revoir! ^_^
The mini jetty
Mutiara Resort Taman Negara
The chalet!

Chalet from different angle
Map of National Park
Peak of Bukit Terisek!
Peak Scenery
Rapid Shooting
Titian gantung (Hanging Bridge)
End of Hanging Bridge
Netherlandians Remy and Eva
For more information regarding Mutiara Resort Taman Negara, visit www.mutiarahotels.com

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