Devil's Due 2014

1/18/2014 04:46:00 AM

Right, yesterday my friends and I went to the nearest movie theater to watch this movie, "Devil's Due". "Devil's Due is an American supernatural horror movie revolving one newly married couple and their lives and the whole most of the part of  it were shoot using a shaky video camera. It started of with the couple getting married and spent their honeymoon near a beach at Santa Domingo,the capital city of Dominican Republic. On one mysterious might, Zach and Samantha were lost in Santa Domingo and in searching their way back, they were offered to be taken back to their hotel by a "generous' cab driver. Instead of heading to their hotel, the drive brought them to a creepy party and both of them went wild and drunk in that party. In drunk state, Samantha was captured by a group of evil people, called the "Antichrist" and they performed some rituals on her, causing her to be pregnant! After that, Zach realised that there was a series of changes happened to Samantha and she was not herself anymore. As months passed by, Samantha was getting more peculiar and Zach found out the rituals when he watched the video that he had captured suring their honeymoon. However, lady luck was not on his side as it was all too late to save her wife as she was somewhat being possessed by the devil where he watched her performed Cesarean section on herself to deliver the so-called "antichrist" baby. Samantha eventually died and the baby was taken away by the brutal group. No evidence was able to be traced by the police when they arrested Zach. The ending scene was ridiculous as there was no-ending of the movie. Instead, it showed another scene which was in Paris and another newly-wed couple was offered for a ride by the same taxi driver... 
In my humble opinion, the movie did not live up to the hoopla surrounding it. Take for example, there was no baby scene as what showed in the youtube video. Besides, those who cannot tolerate motion of the movie are advised not to watch the movie as it will cause discomfort such as nausea and dizziness. Anyway, enjoy the trailer below and the pranks that was done in New York City in promoting the movie. Till then ,au revoir! 

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