DiGizens Thank You Sale

1/06/2014 06:52:00 AM

The person that I am most grateful of in life is none other than my very own mother. Since I was born, she have patiently nurtured me without any complains being made. She has sacrificed her time and money on me in order to raise me as a useful being in the future. I still remember that my mother would spend her hard-earned money on my education without hesitation as she always believe that through education, I will never have to work under scorching sun upon graduation and able to elevate our status of life in the future. After graduating from secondary school. I successfully enrolled into university which is over 800 kilometers apart from home. Being in an anonymous place can be quite hard for people who are leaving their home for the very first time. Despite the distance, my mother and I are able to contact one another everyday thanks to DiGi with their not only awesome, but also affordable plans and offers for the customers. Currently, DiGi has launched a Year End Sale entitled " DiGi Thank You Sale" which includes amazing plans and offers for customers who are eyeing on Sale of the latest Smartphone and Tablet. Besides, DiGi is giving away Two Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphones and One HTC One smartphone to their selected lucky winners. I am crossing my fingers that I can be one of the lucky winners so that I will be able to give the phone to my mother who is still using her old non-touchscreen mobile phone as gifts to show my appreciation towards her unconditional love for me.Thank you mom! :)
For more information about DiGi Thank You Sale, kindly visit http://bit.ly/1aNyx6y

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