Happy New Year 2014

1/01/2014 04:07:00 AM

Courtesy of www.collegeforglobaldeployment.org
So many things had happened for the past twelve months. While some events may be unhappy ones, most of them were memorable ones. First, I had successfully graduated from college with flying colours (sort of) after going through months of hard work studying. On contrary, I have to leave my hostel as well as my housemates as they were my juniors although we are same age. Saying goodbyes were probably the hardest tasks because the bond that we have formed amongst one another were so strong. Then, I got an offer from multiple universities, namely from UK and Malaysia; however, due to unforeseen circumstances, I decided to accept offer from Newcastle University. Though medicine course may be tough and I have to endure another 5 years of education, yet I believe that God will provide the best path for me. Also, I had involved in YOLO trip with a bunch of my buddies after they have graduated from the college! Ultimately, it was probably the best trip ever and we got to update ourselves with one another as well as strengthening our bond #laughs! There are so many more things to talk about which have occurred throughout the year. Truth be told, 2013 was definitely and awesome year.Goodbye 2013! Hopefully 2014 will be a great year for everyone! Happy New Year !

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