Whole Wheat Bread Vs Whole Grain Bread

1/16/2014 08:41:00 AM

You might be constantly asking around, "hey what's the difference between whole wheat bread and whole grain bread? They look the same to me." and you will probably get this answer "Duh, both are breads and they taste the same. Just eat it." Today you are in luck readers because I am here to unravel the mystery of the bread #exaggeration.
Whole grain bread are made up of whole kernals which consist of endosperm, bran, and germ. It contains  all the essential parts as well as natural-producing nutrients and vitamins needed by our bodies. Whole wheat breads, on the other hand, have gone through refinery where the brans and germs are removed. Consequently, most of the important vitamins and minerals are lost as they are found in brans and germs. However, in order to make whole wheat more nutritional, "vitamins" and "minerals" are fortified in the bread, yet in very low quantity. Hence, it is all too obvious that whole grain is definitely better than whole wheat.
For more information, kindly visit wholegrainscouncil.org for more information about whole grain products!

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