Chinese New Year 2014

2/11/2014 03:59:00 AM

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This year's Chinese New Year is indeed a special one for me. For the very first time, my family and I were celebrating this joyous events overseas which is at.... *drum rolls* Taiwan! The trip included two families of my close relatives , which summed up to 15 of us travelling around Taiwan without tour guides! In order to involve in the trip, I have literally skipped one week of classes without much guilt!( Actually I had applied for leaves beforehand  yet to my dismay my application was rejected by the dean as invalid reason. Nonetheless, it was a sweet serendipity as I was able to strengthen my bond with my family members and relatives throughout these 10 days of trip, not to mention having countless of priceless experience and memories with them! Besides, I got to escape from the realm of reality for several days, enjoying my life venturing around Taiwan. It is definitely an interesting country and worth each and every pennies we had spent throughout the trip. I'll save the details of my trip for next post alright. That's all for now.Stay tuned and byeeeeee.
PS: Happy Chinese New Year 2014 to all of you :)

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