Hustle And Bustle Of Life

2/22/2014 07:58:00 AM

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Lately, I have been extremely busy with all the never-ending assignments, self-studying the lessons that I have missed while I was having a vacation in Taiwan with self-declared holidays, society meetings and paraphernalia. That is the main reason for me being unable to consistently update my blog! Anyways, today I am going to talk about my friends. Aha wait, not just friends, but great friends that I have made back in college. These ridiculously intelligent and funny and cheeky (and the list goes on and on) friends of mine are going to overseas to further their studies while I am stranded in the same old , multicultural, not to mention exotic country that I have been living for the past 19 years! They are going to Australia of course if you might have been wondering. Just for your information, most of the Australian universities' intakes are mainly on February. Also, there are friends who have gone to other states to study as well. So yeah, already I merely could not even get to meet up with them while they were here due to my terrifying schedules, now the chances are even thinner. Well, I have already expected this when I picked up this course. Thus, we will just have to spare some of our holidays to meet up then. I would like to take this opportunity to wish u guys all the best in universites and study smart! (particularly to Jessica and Bosco) That's all for now. I have to continue to work on my assignments now. Stick around for next post! Till then, au revoir! :)

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