Do You Know Who You Are?

3/28/2014 03:29:00 AM

  • Do You know who you are? 
  • Do You understand what has happened to you? 
  • Do You want to live this way?    -Cristina Yang of Grey's Anatomy

Hiiiiiiiii guys!Upon watching Grey's Anatomy Season 10 Episode 17 a while ago, I find these three questions are very meaningful. They hit me hard, making me wondering what is the purpose of my life. What have I done in the past and present that will affect my future. In short, my past and present actions determines the way of my life today and tomorrow. Selecting courses for higher education is undoubtedly stressful and it can makes you cry #exaggerating. Each steps that I have made shapes the way I will be in the future. Medicine course- doctor . Law course- lawyer . Economic course- Economics and the list goes on. Personally speaking, I think medicine course is actually alright. It is just that the assignments given that made me busy all the day and night. For the theory part, all I can say is that it requires me to study consistently. Last minute studies, hmmm not highly encouraged. Practically I learn new lessons everyday. For the third question, my answer is absolutely positively NO. Who would ever want to study for the rest of his/her life? Probably there are few people fond of that, but definitely not me. Similar to my situation,these must be floating in the minds of secondary school graduates right now. They have just gotten their SPM or STPM results this month. While some managed to obtain scholarships, the rest are funded by their parents. But most important of all, they are all cracking their heads, killing thousands of brain cells, deciding their education pathways. My advice is , take it easy, do lots of research , and only made decisions when you are sure of it. Good luck. Stick around for more posts. Au revoir.

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