A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini

4/07/2014 05:39:00 AM

Ahh, the joy you achieved upon finish reading a story book. It is like you can finally toss the boulder on your shoulder far far away! That was what I did for the past few days. Spending days and nights straining my eyes and busy flickering the e-book that I have downloaded, I finally reached the ending of the storybook "A Splendid Thousand Suns". Indeed. the title of the book has vividly depicts the sorrow and heart-breaking story. It makes me wonder how could Khaled thought of such devastating plots. In tandem, the plots are intriguing, luring the readers to spend their time on the book. The stories revolve around the life of two women, Mariam and Laila. Initially, Mariam's childhood life was described and after going through plethora of ordeals, she ended up marrying a shoemaker named Rasheed. During the war in Afghanistan, Rasheed then married Laila, who was tricked by Rasheed, thinking her lover Tariq was dead in the battlefield. Both Mariam and Laila were ill-treated by Rasheed and series of unfortunate events happen to them. They tried to flee from Rasheed yet their plan had failed miserably and leading to beatings and punchings by Rasheed. During the climax of the story, Mariam killed Rasheed with a shovel in order to prevent Laila from being choked to death by that monster. Laila insisted Mariam to leave Kabul with her to start a new life. However, Mariam declined Laila's offer and surrendered herself to the authority. She was eventually executed for killing her own husband. Laila, on the other hand, moved to Ireland with Tariq and her children for several years after the war ended. Then she visit Mariam's former home, Herat before proceeded back to Kabul.
I think this is a disheartening story as Mariam, who was called as 'harami' (she was born out of wedlock) since she was born and till she was dead, did not have a happy ending. In contrast, Laila finally reunite with Tariq after going through countless hardships during her younger days.
In my humble two cents opinion, this book is highly recommended for all! Besides reading through imaginative stories of Khaled, I feel grateful for my current residence are in peace without war, not to mention I do not have to go through the war and its aftermath. It makes people to appreciate the things that they have right now and stop complaining instead.
That's all for now. Stick around for another interesting post! Au revoir! :)

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