A Brief Hiatus

5/10/2014 03:56:00 AM

With the incessant onslaught of pressure due to upcoming first-year medical examination, I could barely provide myself a moment to update my blog. With the time ticking and piles of papers to revise, it is no doubt that I am nervous in all sense. Yes, having said that means I am definitely not the 24-hours-studying-type-of-guy. Neither am I a gamer nor an athlete. Well, I am just fond of spending time living up my life. But at emergency time like this, I have no other choices but to obey to the norms of medical life: burning midnight-oil and trying to cramp every bits of information that I have gathered since first day entering medical school. In short, it is easier said than done. Now that explains why I have yet updated my blog. Anyway, my first year is ending and I cant wait for the four months of Summer Break! #yoohoo After enduring the final exams, I get to return to my home town and celebrate! Till then , au revoir! :)
PS:  I will try to make it up by posting some posts with contents! Apologies!

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