Swiss Miss

5/11/2014 04:20:00 AM

I have taken some time to visit my cousins in Singapore last month. While I was wondering around the shopping mall nearby, I entered this minimart named "ABC Bargain Store" and planned to get some snacks to increase the inventory back in my hostel. Glancing through the available products, I noticed boxes of somewhat hot chocolate drinks with the price of only $SGD1.95 per boxes (10 packets)! I was like "Oh gosh, that's insanely cheap for chocolate drink compared to other brands that I used to consume such as MILO and VICO! ( Yes I am thrifty and I have to be that way as I can barely survive with the allowance provided by my sponsors where three quarters of it were used or my hostel fees!). Anyway, I was quite hesitant whether I would like it's taste bacause it did seem weird for a box of hot chocolate drinks with such low price so I ended up buying 2 boxes; One was Milk Chocolate flavour and the other was Marshmallow flavour. Taking along these two boxes back to my hometown in Malaysia, I decided to give some to my parents for sampling purposes. #asians.  Boy I should just bang my head to the wall for buying only TWO BOXES! Upon tasting it for the first time, I was liking it to the extend that I wish I had bought more that day! Swiss Miss is undoubtedly nice if not better compared to other brands of hot cocoa in the market considering its low and affordable price. Go get one now at the nearest store people!

Besides, I went to check Swiss Miss and its products via Google and realise that Swiss Miss has more than 50 years of creating it's signature Swiss Miss blend in a real dairy in one and only Menomonie, Wisconsin. it has various of products other than Swiss Miss Cocoa Milk Chocolate and Marshmallow.
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