Almost Identical Twins

6/18/2014 09:14:00 AM

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Right guys, while surfing the internet today , I got to view this very interesting video! It is stated that there is a social stigma attached to chewing gum. But how far the truth is? An experiment has been done in this video in order to validate this statement. In the experiment , a number of twins were selected as the sample and one of the twins was asked to chew gum. Public were invited to answer few questions regarding the twins based on their first impression of the twins. The results show that up to 73% of people favoured the one who chewed gum rather than the other twins who was not. How shocking the truth is right?! To think that there is no difference between twins is awfully wrong. Just by asking one of them chews gum and the perspective changes to a whole new level. What do you think about this video? Feel free to leave your comments below! Enjoy the video! Au revoir.

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