Looking For A Job

6/16/2014 08:55:00 AM

courtesy of www.fpsg.co.uk
Today is just not my day. It was more like being totally wasted. This was partly due to fruitless outcome where I have spent whole morning and afternoon searching for potential jobs through the net, be it temporary or part time. Actually, I was trying to find some part time jobs in order to fully utilise my summer break and earn some savings so that I could use it in future. Yes, I know what exactly you are thinking, " Why this dude rather spend his summer breaks working and makes himself busy rather than enjoying/partying/relaxing? He must be out of his mind. #lifelessbitch " Well, here's what I'm going to tell you bro/sis, who doesn't want to party / relax whenever he can? I want to do all sorts of things like travelling, food-hunting, and partying as well. But I realise that I have more important stuffs to do than that. I want to get better and better as day passes by. So in order to do that, first I have to get a job with quite decent pay for me to achieve bigger things in life! Perhaps lady luck was not by my side today as all I find was discouraging facts and information where higher qualifications or experience are needed for such occupations. How frustrating rite. To think that you got all the time you need yet can't do what you always wanted to do. What an irony. Nonetheless, I shall rise from this misery ! I believe that I am going to get a decent job by end of this month! I will try my very best to find the job that I want! Last but not least, thank you for taking your time listening reading this. To think again. actually today is not that bad because I get to write a post and share it with you guys rite! Till then,au revoir.

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