Vienna International Seafood And Teppanyki Buffet Restaurant Singapore

6/19/2014 09:32:00 AM

Guys and girls, today I have spend my afternoon in Vienna International Seafood and Teppanyaki Buffet Restaurant ( due to my laziness, I decided to call it as Vienna Restaurant.)  Vienna Restaurant is located at basement of United Square. In order to reach there (by means of public transportation), hop on to a mrt and stop at Novena. Then walk along the underground pathways. After somewhat ten minutes, you will reach United Square. You will notice that there is an escalator leading you to the basement. Vienna restaurant provides both indoor and outdoor dining areas, not to mention private ones. The operating time and prices varies between lunch and dinner. Basically the price of dinner is higher compared to lunch.
 As a frugal budget student, of course I picked the lunch which cost me $42.50 per person! (calculating level: #ASIANS). There are various kind of food available in the restaurant: ranging from Chinese, Western to Japanese, Teppanyaki, Desserts and Fruits. You name it, you get it (almost). Mind you, for dine in during weekends,do make reservations in advanced as it can be full house at times! I have to admit that the Vienna Restaurant is decorated lavishly with chandeliers and water features along with ambient environment. The food is great with multiple choices to satisfy your taste buds! The food that I especially fond of is the glass noodles that was cooked with crabs which was aromatic and tasty #dayum. Also I got the chance to taste stuffs that I have neither seen nor taste before. Besides, the service provided by the waiters were so excellent to the point that they appeared almost every five minutes to clear the plates and bowls. However, the lady worked at the beverages station was quite unfriendly. At one point, I was asking for a test tube rack to hold the existing tube juices on the platter merely because I did not want to take all of the tube juices without tasting one. (I thought the tube drinks were alcoholic okay). To my disappointment, those were just juices that I had earlier. It was just that they poured the juices into test tubes to make it more interesting/ appealing I guess. Overall, the experience is quite an awesome one and I will definitely visit Vienna International Seafood and Teppanyaki Buffet Restaurant again! I will let the pictures do the talking. Till then, au revoir!
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Le nourriture!
Scrumptious Seafood!
Fresh Oysters and Salmons
Soba Noodles
(Anti-clockwise) Glass Noodles, Herbal Prawns, Baked Scallops and Curry Laksa
Line and Aloe Vera
Yoghurt with Strawberry, Jelly and Peach
Buddha Jumps Over The Wall
Blueberries with Seaweed
Lobster Salad
Fried Durian
Cakes for Dessert
Another Dessert
Tube Juices! (Orange, Lime, Apple, Mango and Fruit Punch)
Egg Mayo

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