A Wife Has No Idea How Deep Her Husband Loves Her.... Even When She Loses Her Eyesight

3/16/2015 03:59:00 AM

Image Source: i.ytimg.com
Here is a short movie called 'Blind Devotion'. The movie is directed by Edward Young Lee of the Jubilee Project. It is a fascinating story about the devotion of a husband to his wife as she loses her eyesight. The film begins with a couple where the wife shared her story about living with her husband happily. One day, while she was walking to work, she felt her vision was getting  blurry and smaller. Worried about the conditions, she went to the doctor and she was diagnosed with Fuch's Corneal Endothelial Dystrophy, or commonly known as deteriorating-eyesight-which-will-end-up-with-blindness. She was in despair and even rejected her husband's offer to help her. The husband, however, was worried about her wife and he decided to quietly assist her, to the extent that he walks behind her to ensure that she would reach her working area safely. The love that his husbands display for his wife is unconditional even though they are in the face of adversity. Enjoy the heart-warming video and let me know your thoughts in the comment box below. Till then, au revoir! :)

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