Blank Space And Style Mashup by Louisa Wendorff

3/13/2015 03:47:00 AM

Several days before Christmas 2014, Los Angeles singer-songwriter Louisa Wendorff posted a video in her YouTube channel of her doing a medley of Taylor Swift's songs from her '1989' album, 'Blank Space' and 'Style' with her friend, Devin Dawson, who is a musician from Nashville. The mashup was so amazingly performed by both of them that Taylor Swift watched their video and she is literally obsessed with it, as she claimed in her Twitter account.

"OBSESSED" - Taylor Swift on her Twitter account.

Personally, I feel that the duo have made a stunning performance and they should collaborate more often!What do you think about the video? Let me hear your opinion by writing down in the comment box. Enjoy the medley! Till then, au revoir! :)

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