A Mom Leaves Her Baby In The Car To Shop And It Costs Her Son's Life!

5/04/2015 01:41:00 AM

One Decision is a devastating and heart-aching short film about a mother and her toddler. After driving to the supermarket, the mother has made one silly decision, which results in the death of her son. Thinking that the grocery shopping would be done within minutes, she left him in the car with the engine off and went into the shopping mall. Without her knowledge, the baby was literally sweating profusely and crying for help when the mother was still in the supermarket after some time.

Several strangers saw the baby in the car but they did nothing to rescue him as the car was locked. Eventually, two men came to the rescue and broke the side window and grabbed the baby out of the car. Nonetheless, it was all too late as the baby was unconscious and dead. This incidents happen all too often today.

Statistic shows that in every 10 days a child dies from heatstroke alone in the US. It can take as little as 15 minutes in an overheated car for a child to suffer life-threatening brain or kidney injuries. When the body temperature reaches 41.5 degree Celsius, the child dies.


All these deaths are actually preventable and people need to be aware of it. One simple decision can save or take away a person's life. Watch the video and do help to share it amongst your friends and families. Till then, au revoir!

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