Garnier's 'Into A Woman's Skin' Ad

5/18/2015 04:39:00 AM

Recently cosmetics brand Garnier has conducted an experiment to show the effects of fatigue on people. They included a working lady with children as their specimen and the test took a day long.

First, a picture of the woman was taken before she conducted her usual daily activities such as working and fetching her children to school. The photo was shown to the public and they were asked to guess the age of the woman. The answers varied between 26 and 32. Then another picture was taken at the of the day after she returned home (13 hours later) and was again shown to the stranger on the road to identify her age. Surprisingly. majority of the people answered it between 35 to 40! It seemed that tiredness can actually make you look older by 5 years!

Having said that, I think we all should be aware of the adverse effect of tiredness on us and more importantly, we should get adequate amount of rest each day! Watch the full video below and let me know your thoughts and your experience in the comments . Till then, au revoir! :)

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