3 Days 2 Nights Vacation In Penang And Langkawi

7/19/2015 01:15:00 AM

For the past three weeks, I have been slacking around in the house doing nothing. Eat, play and sleep practically sum up my holiday. However, I did spend some time travelling to Pulau Penang and Langkawi with my relatives! It is indeed such a shame that I have actually never been to Langkawi despite living so near to it all my life! Anyway, I have finally been able to tick it off my bucket list two weeks ago!
Penang Bridge's Plaza Tol
In fact, it was a spontaneous trip. Our original plan was to visit Penang for a two day one night vacation. Nonetheless, we decided to lengthen our trip to visit Langkawi as well since it was only an hour and a half drive away from Penang. (We took the ferry from Kuala Kedah jetty instead of the one in Penang because the tickets were too expensive!)

Birch's McDonalds and more Durians!
Penang Tourist Bus
Passion fruit juice!
Kolo Mee
Fried Carrot Cake
Coconut pancake! 
Food Stalls
More food stalls!
First of all, I have to admit that Penang is really an amazing place to live! We went to Georgetown and the architecture of the buildings there were magnificent, especially the McDonald’s building! After being touristy around the place and took countless of pictures, we went for dinner at a street where there were numerous stalls selling authentic Penang’s local food. There were fried kuey teow, prawn noodles, chee cheong fun, asam laksa and the likes. After dinner, we went to explore around Penang and visited three malls which were situated just beside one another. It was so convenient since we did not have to travel up and down for different malls!

Amazing scenery!
Vintage Cars!
During day two, we left the lovely town after having our breakfast at the McDonald’s. It was during this time that we changed our plan to visit Langkawi instead of heading back home. After reaching the jetty, we board the ferry (RM23/person one way) and the journey took around three hours. There were three floors in the jetty and the lowest floor was actually the coolest place of all (bear that in mind when you want to purchase ticket in future). Also, remember to always purchase your ticket back to Kuala Kedah once you reach Langkawi Island as we ended up going back at a later hour for all the tickets at earlier time were sold off. (which was also RM23, Hence the total cost was RM46 per person).

Kuala Kedah Jetty!
The ferry!
Langkawi Island!
Some sort of buildings
That's the eminent Eagle Square!
Lunch at Thai Restaurant. Curry!
Stir Fried Aubergine
Sticky Hot Pan Tofu
Fried Squids!
Shop lots at Langkawi!
To our dismay, there was no public transport available in the island itself. Thus, visitors have to rent a car there (well, you can always take a cab but it would cost you a bomb!). So we rented a Nissan Sentra which was in quite good condition. The rent was RM90 (depending on the type of car) for 24 hours. After checking-in at a nearby hotel, we went to the liveliest place in the island, the Cenang Beach. Truth be told, we are not that impressed by the beach although it has a scenic view. This is probably because we live by the beaches back in our state.

Pantai Cenang aka Cenang Beach!

Sunset at Cenang Beach!
Signboards showing various countries!
Makam Mahsuri!
 We ended the day after wandering around the island. On the next day, we went to the Underwater World in hope of purchasing duty-free chocolates and wines. Our heart literally broke into pieces when we were told by the staff that we have to stay for at least 3 days 2 nights in order to be eligible to purchase duty-free wine. The liquors were dirt cheap compared to those sold in other areas! Anyway, we bought couple of chocolates from the underwater world. On top of that, we also visited the infamous Makam Mahsuri under the blazing sun!

Chocolate Factory

Hiking the hills nearby!
Underwater World!
Fish at Underwater World!
The Eagle Square! Look at that Eagle!

The Jetty
Next, we went to visit the main attraction in Langkawi Island, which is the Eagle Square! Honestly, the eagle sculpture is indeed one of the most beautiful monument that I have ever seen in my life! The colour of the eagle was bright and vibrant, which indicated that it was well maintained. We took some pictures before concluding the trip and went back home. 

Sunset Again!

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