New Blog Template and Goodbye Summer

8/31/2015 12:23:00 AM

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Well hello there! It has been a while since I wrote the previous blog entry. While it might sounds as an excuse, I was in fact enjoying each and every second of my summer holiday. I was travelling to several places during these three months as well as taking the opportunity to do things that I have always wanted to do. As you can see, I have taken the time to finally update my blog with new template! I am not trying to say that I dislike my previous template, but I have preference towards blog templates with minimalist designs. Having said that, I like simple yet functional templates. After searching through hundreds, if not more, free blog templates, I have finally found one which I adore! Unfortunately I forgot to take a screenshot of my previous template and attach it to this post so that you can see the differences. Nevertheless, I have to admit that the new template is not fully complete and I will have to adjust several things to make it more presentable.

Anyway, my summer break is coming to an end and third year will be commencing tomorrow. Bye summer! #sad Thus, I will be less active in this blog but I will try to find a time to write about my experience in places that I have visited this summer. What do you think of the new blog template? Let me know your thoughts in the comment below! Till then, au revoir! :)

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