John Lewis Christmas Advert 2015, Man On The Moon

11/21/2015 04:39:00 AM

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There is undoubtedly intense competition between retailers in the UK over their Christmas adverts each year. Each of them tries really hard to outshine one another by producing amazing videos to win their customers' hearts.

In my opinion, I would say that John Lewis, as always, has produced a spectacular advert for this upcoming Christmas, "The Man On The Moon" where it features the story of a girl trying to reach a forlorn old man sitting on a bench on the Moon. It started with the girl, whose name was Lily, who spends most of her time looking up to the sky through her telescope. One day, she spots an old man, living alone on the Moon.
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She tries everything that she can to contact but but to no avail. She waves at the old man, firing messages with her arrows as well as throwing a paper plane with notes in it to him albeit unsuccessful. Then, on the Christmas Day, she thinks of an interesting idea, which is sending a parcel to the old man by attaching it to several helium balloons.

The next thing (which was quite illogical) that happens is that the helium balloons fly all the way to the Moon and land at the feet of the lonely old man. Lily has actually gives the old man a telescope for him to look at the earth! While spotting the Earth, the old man actually spots Lily waving to him! There are tears when both of them look at each other.

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What do you think of the Christmas advert produced by John Lewis this year? Let me know your opinions in the comment box below! For those who have not watched the ad already, enjoy yourself with it below! Till then, au revoir! ;)

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