End Of Two Hospital Rotations

2/23/2016 07:49:00 AM

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Oh god, it has been two months since I have last updated my blog. Time just passed by so quickly when you are busy with life. So far, I have completed two out of five hospital rotations! The first one was the obstetric and gynaecology rotation where I have to practically watch the whole labour process and how pregnant women endure the pain! Some of them were so determined no to use any form of anaesthesia at all throughout the process. While some gave natural birth successfully, there were others who had complications and instruments were used in the midst of labour to pull out the baby in order to save the baby. In addition, I also get to clerk women with gynaecology problems, that includes tumours, miscarriages, extreme morning sickness and the likes. I pity some women who have been trying to conceive yet they have miscarriages each time due to medical issues.

Basically, I have a list of conditions to be covered during each rotation and there will be a examination by the end of the month where I have seven minutes to clerk a patient which were selected by the examiner, seven minutes to examine him or her and another six minutes to discuss the findings with the lecturers.Yeah, that means you literally spend whole month preparing for a 20 minute test which determine whether you pass or fail the rotation. Sounds pretty intense, no? Perhaps lady luck was by my side that day, I miraculously passed the exam! #tearsofjoy

After the O&G rotation, I am currently in the Paediatric rotation which is pretty much self-explanatory. In this rotation, I have to clerk children in the ward but most of the time I am taking information from the parents rather than the patients themselves for they are too young too even talk, The thing that I am afraid to do throughout the rotation is to actually examine the patients! They are either infants or below five years old. Come on, they look so fragile and soft that I do not even dare to hold them initially, let alone touch around or feeling their tummies! Do not even get me started about them crying and screaming while I was trying to examine them! Today is in fact the exam day and I manage to pass! #cheers  That is why I am able to write new post! After this rotation I am entering the long term care rotation! Will update you guys about it soon! Till then, au revoir! :)

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