Louise Delage, The Truth About The Rising Instagram Star

10/02/2016 07:34:00 PM

Image Source: instagram.com
You might have been on Instagram for years and it totally makes your day when you earn about 100 likes once in a while. That happens until you have come across a Parisian girl named Louise Delage who garners over 16000 followers and 50000 likes on Instagram effortlessly within two months. Most of us will be envious of her lavish lifestyle; travelling, partying and living the high life all day every day. Nonetheless, all of us utterly failed to notice the ugly truth behind the pretty facade portrayed by Louise. In fact, the 25 years old rising social elite is part of a campaign from Paris agency BETC called "Like My Addition".

Image Source: instagram.com
With the help of production company Francine Framboise as well as alcoholism organisation Addict Aide, the campaign involves raising awareness amongst youths regarding alcoholism. Having said that, do you now realise that Louise actually holds a drink in most of her Instagram posts? While it may be subtle (perhaps not), Louise is indeed suffering from serious alcohol issue. This merely proves how easy it is for us to ignore the addiction to alcohol of those who are around us, be they friends or family members. Watch the video below if you have not already done so. Till then, au revoir.

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