Scars To Your Beautiful Cover, Rebecca Black And Kurt Hugo Schneider

11/30/2016 02:22:00 AM

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I just have to post this! Who knows that Rebecca Black can actually sing this well!? Last I checked, Rebecca who has risen to fame after releasing her debut single "Friday" back in 2011 did not do so good with her vocal skills. The music video even garnered more dislikes than likes *ouch*. Personally I think her voice was autotuned just too much in that song. I was even hesitating a little bit to watch the video when I first saw Alessia Cara's "Scars To Your Beautiful" uploaded on YouTube covered by Rebecca.

Much to my surprise, she was like turning over a new leaf and her voice is actually pretty impressive! Kurt Hugo Schneider was, on the other hand, seemed so busy handling all the music instruments at the back. What do you think of Rebecca Black's cover? Watch her performance and leave your comments in the box below. Till then, au revoir!

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