Student Selective Component 2 - Obstetrics and Gynaecology

6/15/2017 12:53:00 PM

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After a short 6 weeks stint in Orthopaedic department, I was allocated to Obstetrics and Gynaecology (O&G) department for the next 6 weeks last February. I was intrigued by this field mostly because the department is really spacious with less beds, bright lighting and cold environment, not to mention staff who are over-friendly. Regardless of their positions, they tend to show less hierarchy and the consultants even treated me as a friend! That itself was a pure boost to my motivation to learn more about O&G!

Throughout the six weeks, I managed to observe countless deliveries, be they complicated or uncomplicated cases. Apart from that, I have also seen various kind of surgeries, ranging from removal of fibroids, tumours, and even dead fetuses! While I was in the clinics, I watched the way consultants broke bad news as well as good news to the patients! There were instant relief amongst patients who were told that their surgeries were successful or the results of the lab tests showed that their tumours are benign. Unfortunately for the ones who were unfortunate, most of them broke down and I could feel the fear in them as they realised that their lives were cut down to months.

Aside from that, there are times where I could do some procedures such as assisting the doctors to deliver the babies, insert needles into patients' blood vessels, examining pregnant moms and their fetuses. Having said that, I was lucky enough where most of the pregnant moms allow me to examine their tummies and do history taking even though they have been asked the same questions by the attending doctors.

As for my supervisor, I had not really got in touch with her most of the time for she was teaching the third year students as well. In tandem, she was pretty busy preparing for her final MRCOG examination. It was totally understandable and again I got my own time to do some reading and improve my knowledge in O&G field!

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