Student Selective Components 1 - Orthopaedic

6/12/2017 12:47:00 PM

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Hello!  This is perhaps my longest overdue post that I have ever written in years. I have practically been inactive in my blog for the past few months and I have so many things to share. As much as I want to blog new posts, I was always caught up with all sorts of things, be they academic or non-academic related. Since the beginning of January, I have been doing the Student Selective Component (SSC) semesters. Basically it consists of 3 SSCs where each one serves as a six week placement in the hospital in specialty of my choice. It allows me to explore various fields that are available in the medical field and get to know more about them during the SSC

For SSC1, I have been chosen to start my SSC at the Orthopaedic department in one of the public hospitals in Johor. Perhaps lady luck was on my side, I was having a pretty chilled moments around that time and able to study at my own pace. My supervisor, the head of department, was really caught up with his job as one of the major public hospital was on fire back in November last year, causing all the patients to be transferred to this hospital for all orthopaedic-related surgeries. Hence, he barely has anytime to teach me at all. Nonetheless, I took the initiative to shadow other orthopaedic consultants, be it for ward rounds, clinic consultations or in the operation theatres.

All in all, it was quite an eye-opening experience as I have gained a lot of exposure in Orthopedic field especially on the way patients are treated and types of surgeries that are available. Before I end this bit, thank you for sticking till the end of this lengthy post!

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