Apple iOS 7

6/11/2013 06:13:00 AM

The new iOS 7 with a whole new design and brand new features was revealed by Apple CEO Tim Cook yesterday in WWDC 2013.The brand new iOS 7 isdefinitely more colourful than the prvious operating systems.With the creation of the CONTROL CENTER,users now can easily switch wifi / bluetooth /camera just to name a few.Next the notification center no longer have solid grey background.Instead a translucent background is used,enabling the vague color of the wallpaper to be seen,causing each background to be different with different images used as the background.After that,comes the Safari.It changes to full screen to provide bigger screen for the readers.Then,there's new feature called the AIRDROP.Basically the airdrop works like a bluetooth (allows sharing of files).Aha,the upcoming features is totally awesome and attractive for photographers.The camera is now included with effects and different sizes,either rectangular or square.For the SIRI, now there will be either female or male voice,included with Wikipedia.Oh yeah,one more thing.The unlocked button is changed with tranparent swipe on the screen!Enjoy the video below for full specifications!

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