Returning to Kuala Lumpur

6/25/2013 08:26:00 AM

What an coincidence.Right after suffocating myself by traveling to Singapore in the midst of HAZE issue for several days and the haze has ceased,I returned to KL and find myself somewhat a haze-fanatic.The haze actually moved up north by the wind to... you guess it right,Malaysia and the air pollution index (API) is increasing day by day.Nonetheless,the sudden heavy downpour today has dramatically decreased the API level as most of the smoke from Indonesia was carried by raindrops down to the earth.Phew,I was relieved when it rained during my journey to KL Sentral from KLIA.well, I should start my story right from the beginning.Today,I had a bad experience with Jetstar.My total carry-on baggage weight exceeds the maximum 10kg by a mere 0.7.And yeah I have to throw away some of my items,which were my SOUVENIR ._. .Darn,at first I was so happy as I have finally found the ideal gifts for my buddies.Perhaps lady luck was not by myside today.Upon arrival,I headed straight to the immigration and rush for bus and to sum up everything,today is a lethargic day as the journey back to my hostel from KLIA took 3 hours of my life away.Oh and one more thing,I shall update this post with pictures later as I bring along my camera and its charger but not the USB cable.Great!I have taken amazing photos and they are all in the cam.Stick around for more people.That's all for now,au revoir! :]

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