Typing With Ten Fingers

6/17/2013 11:16:00 AM

Yeap.You see it right.I am currently learning to type by using ten fingers technique, and without looking at the keyboard at the same time!Actually I started this morning haha. First of all,those who tried practising this technique before yet failed might say,this is completely a waste of time because it will cause you to type the same paragraph probably ten times slower than using two or three fingers technique.Well it is undoubtedly true in the beginning you will feel irritated as you will either
  • press the wrong button.
  • press the button using wrong fingers
  • constantly pressed space bar when typing
Nevertheless in the long run I believe that I will eventually type swiftly with great accuracy.I choose ten fingers technique because from the results of my research, I found out that ten fingers technique is the formal and professional way of typing.Besides, it creates less mistakes as all the buttons are in control by our fingers.Whenever you type, place your forefingers on F and J. These keys are marked by little bars or small dents on most keyboards (red dots in figure above). The other fingers go on the keys on the left and right. After some time, your fingers will seek this position themselves. The thumb of your choice is responsible for operating the space bar. The other thumb does nothing.So it is actually typing with 9 fingers instead of 10!The base positions for our fingers are basically a s d f j k l ; and the space bar on QWERTY keyboard.It needs less effort for typing and prevent noises.All you need to do is practice in order to master the art of speed typing.All the best! :]

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