A Day Before The Day!

8/12/2013 10:23:00 AM

Well two months have passed since the end of terrifying and intensed A-Level days.I have practically fully utilized my holidays; traveling back and forth between Singapore and Malaysia, working temporarily at the college, involved in camps, attending cousins' wedding/engagement event, learning guitar, painting and the list goes on. Of course, how can I ever forget my main objectives....which is FOOD HUNTING! Blame me for being a lazybum who does not even take the time update his blog although he is as free as a bird. Thus from now onwards ,I pledge to post new stuffs as frequently as possible. The Day which I mean is none other than the RESULTS day for Cambridge A Level students,be it AS or A2 or both! While some of my friends are waiting anxiously for their AS (Advanced Subsidiary) results, I am waiting for the A2 (Advanced Level) with the rest. It will definitely be one of the most important event in my life ! Feeling anxious+nerve-wracking+sleep deprivation+fatigued all at the same time is seriously not cool! Hence I am going to rest now. I will update my blog soon.Good luck to all CAL students! Wish me luck as well! Till then,bye. :)

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