Cambridge A Level August 2013 Result

8/15/2013 08:01:00 AM
Oh god, it was probably one of the longest day in my life. Anxiously waiting for the time to pass by, I chat-ed with my friends while listening to some country music by Joe Brooks! For that moment I felt that the time was ticking as slow as tortoise. Tick Tick Tick.... And the time has come. 13/8/2013 1300 EST. All the A-Level Students were visibly nervous, checking their RESULTS ...ARGHH, my hands were sweating profusely, unable to accept the fact that D-Day has finally came. I was petrified, fearing my results would be bad/disastrous. After what seemed eternity ( actually 2 hours), I mustered all my energy, logged in to and I keyed in my username and password. Holy cow, I cant believed it. Rubbing my eyes, I checked again once more. Thank god, it is beyond my expectation! C:
While not everyone get to achieve desired grades,fret not guys,life doesn't just end here. Keep fighting! Excel in degree instead. Aim for bigger dreams. Just because the past didnt turn out like you wanted it to,doesnt mean your future cant be better than you ever imagined.

Anyway I would like to take this opportunity to congrats all the other CAL students who get their desired results!Especially Tom Daley! A* in photography, A in Spanish and an A in maths!Till then , bye! :)

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  1. Hi.....just dropping by to say that i love reading your makes my day...please keep updating