The Cafe Cartel Singapore

8/23/2013 12:22:00 AM

Desiring for ribs yet doesnt want to burn a hole in your pockets? Well you are lucky if you're in Singapore, as The Cafe Cartel might just be your solution!Dayum. Recently I have had my lunch at this particular restaurant with my cousins by using the discount coupons that she had bought online. We managed to try the famous St Louis Pork Ribs at a lower price than normal which is about $12.00+ only!Seriously I can tell you if you compared the price to the size of the ribs, you will be shocked that you can get this humongous size of pork ribs with just over $11~! Personally I find that the pork ribs had too much tendons and cartilages but I got to finish it after somewhat 40 minutes.The homemade bbq sauce topped the pork ribs were quite tasty.Besides,we also had the creamy soup-of-the-day and banana boat as dessert.Overall I think it's worthy to have a try at The Cafe Cartel when you have bad cravings for ribs!For more information visit :)

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