Carrie 2013

10/27/2013 12:18:00 AM

Have you ever thought of being extraordinary in your life by having supernatural powers such as invisibility,elasticity(perhaps not) or telekenesis so that you will have an awesome and exciting life? Talking about telekinesis, you might have to think twice again as after you have watch this horror movie "Carrie" ! *Spoiler Alert* Carrie White is a typical peculiar girl that you can find in your school who will always get bullied by those meanies (the popular kid).She is living with her mother single mother Margaret in Maine and her mother is a devoted Christian.To her chagrin,Carrie had her first menstrual during her gym session and the poor girl barely has scintilla of idea about menstrual cycle, fearing she will be bleeding to death.While the mean girls threw sanitary napkins and tampons at her without guiding her , one even recorded the event and posted it on Youtube. Her mother saw that as a sin and locked her up in the prayer room  praying for forgiveness from the Almighty God. Both Carrie and Margaret were surprised when Carrie cracked the door and soon Carrie realised her ability of telekinesis power. She then did research through the internet and harnessed her extraordinary skills. One of the mean girls, Sue repented and try to make up to Carrie by asking her beau Tommy Ross to invite Carrie to the prom. On the night of the prom, Margaret tried to stop Carrie from going to the prom but to no avail as she was locked in the prayer room by Carrie.As planned by Chris ( another mean girl), Carrie and Tommy were crowned as the Prom King and Queen. When they were standing on the stage, two buckets of pig blood were poured over them, and oone of the bucket even knocked Tommy causing him to be unconscious. That was were the point where Carrie went berserk and killed the people in the Prom and even her own mother by using telekinesis!
In my opinion, that is actually quite a sad story as all Carrie wants is to be able to blend in amongst her peers and to be treated like anybody else...

Below is the viral video about the Telekinesis prank in a coffee shop .Enjoy! :)

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